Must Register First

About Our Art Auctions

Please register before the auction!

Please fill out the Registration Form to place bids during the Live Online Art Auction. Here is the link to the Registration Form. 

We need the Registration Forms to file our taxes.




7:00 pm Pre-Registration, Instructions, All art pieces are on display during this time

7:30 pm Cross-platform social media live auction begins

Auction will go until all bids are placed

Winning Bids Announcements

Raffle Winner(s) Announced

Sales Finalized (use pay buttons on this web page)

All items will be shipped beginning the day after the auction, in descending order by highest winning bid.



Detailed Timeline

1. Before the auction begins, bidders can see the items and visit the website for closeups and sizing details. 

2. All bidders MUST fill out this Registration Form before their bids will be accepted. 

3. Bids for the Art Auction and for the Raffle Auction can come in via live chat or social media direct message, or on this registration form before the auction starts.

4. Once the auction starts, all bidding will continue for the piece being displayed at that time only. 

5. Bids will be coming in via three social media platforms and therefore will not be known to all bidders on every platform, so the highest bids will be announced in an ongoing manner in the Sotheby's Art Auctions style.

6. After all the items have been awarded to the highest bidders, there will be a 30-minute Intermission while we get the paperwork details filled out on our end connecting Registration Forms with winning bids for the art pieces and the raffle items.

7. All bidding and communication on the chats and direct messages must stop during intermission so we can go through everything without interruption. 

8. After Intermission, announcements will be made starting with the highest winning bid and each winner will be announced by the name they supplied for that on the Registration Form.

9. Once all the art winners are announced, then all the raffle winners will be announced, in ascending order as well.

9. We will go through and process each payment with each winner in the same order.

10. Shipments will begin the day after the auction, also in the same order.




Information for Purchasers

Bidding requires immediate payment upon winning a bid. We accept most payment methods except that we do not accept checks unless they are certified by the bank and therefore a guarantee of payment. All sales are final. Prices are not negotiable after the bid is awarded. Any art not picked up or shipped within 24 hours, due to bidder negligence, will be added to the next auction and placed back up for sale on the website with no further ownership claim.

Before the auction, there will be a pre-registration period of 30 minutes during which people can view the art on display and visit the website. People who intend to bid AKA bidders are asked to submit their Registration Form, so the auction process can go more smoothly. Live viewers not pre-registered before the first-level auction starts will need to fill out the registration form before their bids will be accepted.

Pre-Auction Bids
You may make a bid before the start of the auction using your Registration Form.

As a guide to bidders, we have included an estimate of the value of each lot. The Reserve Price is the starting bid. It is the minimum dollar amount acceptable as the winning bid in the auction for that item. The Reserve Price prevents the auction from being won at a price that is lower than the Artist’s time invested into creating the piece.

You may bid by Direct Message or in the Live Chat on the social media platform you are viewing the live auction on, and using the Registration Form before the auction. You may bid on any item before the auction begins. 
Once the auction starts, bidding is only for the item on display. Bidding pauses for all other items during the auction. 
After the auction is over and each item has been displayed and discussed once, there will be an intermission.
Bidding will stop for that 30-minute intermission.
Thirty minutes later, the second-level of bidding will begin with the highest cross-platform bid for each item as the new Reserve Price. Each item will be displayed again with the bidding as the discussion, using the 3-minute rule, so there is no sniping.

Three-Minute Rule
A bid adds on three minutes to the auction so that other bidders have time to submit a new bid. This continues until the bidding stops for three minutes.

Sneaking in a bid at the last minute so others cannot outbid the sniper will not be able to occur because of the Three-Minute Rule.

Winning Bid
The highest bid equal to or higher than the Reserve for each item will win the item.

We charge a 10% buyer’s premium on top of the hammer price, in lieu of any other fees.

Items purchased may be collected as soon as payment is cleared, including on the day of the auction.

Shipping will begin the day after the auction. We use Fedex or the United States Postal Service for shipping. Shipping costs are not included in the bids. We are not liable for shipping issues, but we will work with you in filing a dispute with the shipping company, if you have any problems. 

Bidding Equals Commitment
By bidding on an item, you obligate yourself to pay for the item if you win it, even if you decide you no longer want it. Only bid on items you are serious about purchasing.

Right to Re-sell
The auctioneer reserves the right to re-sell any item that has not been collected within fourteen days.

Telephone Bidding
Every effort will be made to facilitate people wishing to bid by telephone at auction but the auctioneer disclaims responsibility for any failures for whatever reason in this regard.

Absentee Bidding
Every effort will be made to facilitate people wishing to provide advanced commission bids using the Registration Form for highest bid caps. However, we accept no responsibility for any failures, for any reason, in this regard.

All accounts must be paid in full immediately upon request via Zelle, Square, or PayPal. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, Afterpay, Giropay, Sofort. Certified bank checks used for final payment must be received within 24 hours of the start of the auction or the winner forfeits their auction item and it goes back online for sale with no further ownership claim. At least 25% is required the night of the auction as a deposit. Deposit is forfeited if the winning bidder fails to finalize the transaction within 24 hours.

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