There is a preliminary process that includes establishing the details of what the client wants, which progresses to a custom graphic design computer rendering, which assures that the art project will be what the client envisioned. That is also included in the pricing.



1) Create scope and plan payment arrangements
2) Create computer rendering of what the art piece will be modeled after
3) Request and receive client approval of rendering
4) Project set up
5) Painting Phase 1
6) Painting Phase 2
7) Painting Phase 3
8) Painting Phase 4
9) Clean up
10) Online presentation of finished art to client 
11) Payment due before possession occurs
12) Art hand-delivered or shipped to client*



Estimated turnaround times are approximately 4-12 weeks based on a regular 40-hour work week working 9am-5pm. Rush fees are required for nights, weekends, holidays, or other rush project requirements. (Turnaround times vary, but projects can generally be finished and shipped within this timeframe from initial order.) Rush orders require $50 per day rush fee.



* Shipping and handling (which includes protecting your masterpiece) pricing is not marked up from the actual costs the supplies and shipping company cost. Pricing is not negotiable. All pricing is estimated and handled by Fedex or the United States Postal Service. The artist has no liability for shipping issues. Any delays or problems related to shipping must be reported to the shipping company ASAP. Efforts will be made to remedy a situation fairly, if any problem occurs that is the responsibility of the artist, such as artist illness or injury or art piece damage before the shipping company takes possession of the piece.



1) Read ALL the details listed here!

2) Select your options (see below).

3) Submit your order and provide your email address, mailing address, and phone number.

4) You can submit 2-5 inspiration photos.

5) Specifications will be defined in the  Project Scope.

6) The Artist often makes a computer rendering that the client must approve in writing (via email) before the art phases begin.

7) Development of the finished project begins after this.



There is a preliminary process that includes establishing the details of what the client wants, which progresses to a custom graphic design computer rendering, which assures that the art project is what the client envisions. This is included in the pricing, but not by time.



Detail work is based on the level of detail the client requests before the computer rendering phase is approved. The amount of time it may take to do the project is estimated time, subject to change as the project develops, because this is custom art, which is a creative process. See details below and choose the level of detail you want when you order your masterpiece.



The artist's natural style is Neo-Impressionistic Realism. Her natural style will come through in every painting, drawing, and sculpture, but you can request an art style that will be visibly apparent. 

Prices vary by complexity, size, detail work, medium, figures, and requests of combos such as elements, styles, or samples being provided, for standard turnaround times. Please list all when ordering!

Oil Painting (wider range of colors, gradients, softer lines) 
Acrylic Painting (brighter colors, no gradients, harder lines) 
No Preference


Choose combo:

You can request a combination of elements, styles, and/or samples into 1 project.

[An example of this is, you provide a photo of your child (1, figure) who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, (2, element) a sample of his or her favorite team to see the uniform with background, (3, style) combine Renoir style, so it represents a dream of the future - this order would be a 1 Figure, Combo of 3.]

In addition, you can provide color preferences.

1) Figure(s)

2) Element(s) / Background

3) Style

4) Color requests


Choose level of detail work you want:

(Level 1) Less detail work

(Level 2) More detail work

(Level 3) Deeper and darker detail work, to become more realistic looking


Choose size:


Up to 12"

Hand-Painted Miniature Portraits, 1 Figure, 1 Element or Style

(Level 1) 1 hour ...  (Level 2) 2 hours ...  (Level 3) 3 hours


12" - 24"

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Single Portrait of 1 Figure, Combo of 2 Elements or Styles

(Level 1) 2 hours ... (Level 2) 3 hours ... (Level 3) 4 hours


24" - 36"

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Multiple Subject Portraits up to 6 Figures, Combo of 3 Elements or Styles

(Level 1) 3 hours ... (Level 2) 4 hours ... (Level 3) 5 hours

Rush orders also require a $120 fee.


36" - 48"

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Multiple Subject Portraits up to 6 Figures, Combo of 3 Elements or Styles

(Level 1) 4 hours ... (Level 2) 5 hours ... (Level 32) 6 hours

Rush orders also require a $120 fee.


48" - 60"

Hand-Painted, Standard Sized, Multiple Subject Portraits up to 6 Figures, Combo of 3 Elements or Styles

(Level 1) 5 hours ... (Level 2) 6 hours ... (Level 3) 7 hours

Rush orders also require a $120 fee.



Rolled canvas paintings cost the same as murals without the per diem or travel costs. See murals section below.



Choose pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, art markers.


Hand-Drawn, 1 Figure Limit

7"  ................ (Sketch) 1/2 hour ... (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 1 hour... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 1-1/2 hours


Hand-Drawn, Standard Sized, 1 Figure Limit

10" ................ (Sketch) 1 hour ... (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 2 hours... (Features Defined,  Fully Shaded) 3 hours


Hand-Drawn, 2 Figure Limit

18"................ (Sketch) 2 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 3 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 4 hours


Hand-Drawn, 3 Figure Limit

24"................ (Sketch) 3 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 4 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 5 hours


Hand-Drawn, 4 Figure Limit

36"................ (Sketch) 4 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 5 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 6 hours


Hand-Drawn, 5 Figure Limit

48"................ (Sketch) 5 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 6 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 7 hours


Hand-Drawn, 6 Figure Limit

60" ................ (Sketch) 6 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 7 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 8 hours


Hand-Drawn, 7 Figure Limit

72" ................ (Sketch) 7 hours ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 8 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 9 hours


Add-on pricing for each additional figure

(Sketch) 1 hour ...  (Features Defined, Soft Shading) 2 hours ... (Features Defined, Fully Shaded) 3 hours



Hand-Made Sculptures (made from baked clay), Priced per figure

3" - 6" ................ (Loosely Defined Features) 2 hours... (Tightly Defined Features) 4 hours ... (Add-on Painted) 2 hours

6"-9" ................. (Loosely Defined Features) 4 hours ... (Tightly Defined Features) 8 hours ... (Add-on Painted) 3 hours

9"-12" .............. (Loosely Defined Features) 8 hours ... (Tightly Defined Features) 12 hours ... (Add-on Painted) 4 hours

12"-18" .............. (Loosely Defined Features) 12 hours ... (Tightly Defined Features) 15 hours ... (Add-on Painted) 5 hours

18"-24" .............. (Loosely Defined Features) 15 hours ... (Tightly Defined Features) 18 hours ... (Add-on Painted) 6 hours



Artist Fee $500 paid up front to retain the Artist to cover art supplies, setup, and cleanup + per minute rate.

The standard mileage rate for transportation or travel expenses is 65.5 cents per mile for all miles of business use (business standard mileage rate). For up-to-date current rates, click here: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-issues-standard-mileage-rates-for-2023-business-use-increases-3-cents-per-mile

There is also a per diem rate plus travel expenses if overnight travel is necessary. Highest of the year for the destination state daily lodging rates (plus highest lodging sales taxes to cover any county) plus M&IE Total. For example: 2023 for the state of Virginia $222 + state taxes are 7% ($15.54)+ M&IE $64 = $301.54 per day added to Artist pay in this section. 
Note: The Artist will make her own travel, lodging, and meals arrangements so there are no worries for the customer or the Artist, in regard to preferences and allergies.



Landscapes $2 per minute  /  Pet Portraits $3 per minute  /. People Portraits $4 per minute

Pricing is not negotiable. 

The rates listed on this page provide an estimated amount of time that pieces with those specifications may take. They are only provided to give an idea to set the Retainer Down Payment, which is half due up front. The Artist pay must be received in full before any art is delivered, cash in hand if a credit or debit purchase. Out of pocket expenses are invoiced and due with the final payment.

The client can establish their own budget cap based on their requests for the scope of work, changes, and approvals. All quotes include setup and cleanup times. If the client stays within the scope and guidelines of the project as detailed here, then pricing will never exceed the cap. 

If client makes changes that take more time than initially agreed upon, then the pricing must also change to cover the time it takes to do that additional work. 

Each quote you receive will be all-inclusive for that project element being quoted. For example, the Artist pay does not include shipping. See shipping for details.



Pricing is 100% dependent upon the final work done, which is based on the time it takes to create the project. Any price the client and the Artist agree upon when the project begins is subject to change if a client requests changes to the Scope of the Project. 

If the Scope of the Project changes, the project can go to the client as is, if the client does not want to pay for the changes. 

In a worst case scenario, if the client does not want the project for any reason, the project is released to be sold to anyone other than the client. The client forfeits the Retainer and any other money already paid to the Artist. The selling process will begin after a grace period of 24 hours from the client's notification to the Artist, thereby still giving first right of ownership to the client for a 24-hour window. 

Under no circumstances will the artist change an art piece after it is presented to a client. These projects are all creative pieces that take on a life of their own during the developmental processes, so a certain degree of flexibility should be expected when working with an artist.  

Prices are not negotiable and there are no refunds under any circumstances because the artist works on Retainer with work being done as payments are made, and every project is custom-made by the specifications within the Scope of the Project. 



These are the terms and the terms are not negotiable.