Permanent repairs for your: 
• Personal Life
• Relationships
• Career

Perception and Behavior Modification Advisor

Kristen Pflibsen, HD walks individuals through step-by-step personal improvement workshops in groups and one-on-one, rebranding people from the inside out

There is a formulaic process to solve any problem. First, you need the philosophy, then you need to take actions to move forward with a new action plan. The philosophies are different. Action plans have a format that lays the foundation to change. Implementing these tools and resources into your life can change any aspect of your life. 

You get the training to do it for yourself. 

We work on building habits each day for at least 30 consistent days because that is how long it takes to create habits. Three months is often effective engrain new habits into your daily life. Some people want to work on more than one aspect of their life. When this is the goal, six to twelve months is the best membership plan to transform a person's life forever with everything needed to gain confidence with this as second-nature. The longer membership plans are also good for people who generally need more time.

Learn simple skills and techniques that you can plug into any aspect of your life quickly to make drastic, positive change.

People have been using these workshops and techniques to live better lives since 2001. Within 30 days, you can be living a drastically different life. 

Membership Plans

1-Month Membership Plan $ / 3-Month Membership Plan $ / 6-Month Membership Plan $ / 1-Year Membership Plan $

1 hour of behind-the-scenes planning devoted solely to helping the client plus 20 minutes per day for check-ins, accountability, and check-ups, advice, and pep talks, in the forms of messages (IM, DM, PM, text), emails, phone calls, video conferencing (via Facetime, Facebook, Zoom), in person, or any combination of these communication methods. 

Each membership plan also opens up all the other training for half price. 

A La Carte Daily Consulting & Advising $125 per day without a membership. 


Online Training Options
$1 per Short Clip (video)
$5 per Topic (video)
$10 per Philosophy (video)
$25 per Modification Technique (video)

$125/hour (in-person or video conferencing)

Non-Membership Building Blocks

$500 Block of 5 hours (consulting & advising)
$1000 Block of 10 hours (consulting & advising)
$5,000 Block of 51 hours (consulting & advising)
$10,000 Block of 102 hours (consulting & advising)


Non-Membership Online Training Blocks

$100 Code = $120 Online Training
$120 Code = $145 Online Training
$140 Code = $170 Online Training
$160 Code = $200 Online Training

This is a shockingly affordable solution.

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