About the Artist

Kristen Pflibsen neé Kristen Mae Lee

Kristen Pflibsen, formerly Kristen Mae Lee, grew up in eastern Connecticut and Minnesota during the summers. She first became interested in art in elementary school art classes. Mrs. Preston, her art teacher, and Kristen's mother were both very encouraging and supportive of Kristen's artistic talents. She was presented with the Vince Lombardi Art Award upon graduating.

She went into a Fine Arts program for four years and achieved a Fine Arts diploma. All electives and regular classes had to fit into the Fine Arts track. Kristen's work was displayed in several art gallery showings at Slater Museum. She was awarded second place in the Charcoal Division by the Women's City Club. 

Kristen attended community college on Pell Grants for two years for Business and Marketing as a dual degree. 

After that, she enrolled in an art college in Tempe, Arizona for a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications with a specialization in Multimedia Graphic and Web Design. She graduated Salutatorian with a 3.86 GPA and was nominated for the school's coveted Founder's Award.  

She was offered a gallery showing for the Art Walk in Phoenix, Arizona and another on Bank Street in New London, Connecticut for the revitalization Art Walk. She has quite a bit of commissioned art displayed private residences and businesses around the United States. One of her most unique art clients was the United States Marine Corps Special Forces in Kingsbay, Georgia, who commissioned a hand-drawn illustration of two marines with gas masks, machine guns, and camouflage in 1991. She painted 4 wall murals and made custom murals and 3D Interactive Displays for a large campus church in Tempe, Arizona.

Kristen does freelance commissioned art while having a career in the marketing industry.

Kristen's natural style can be classified as Neo-Impressionistic Realism although she paints selected styles for commissioned art. Her pieces capture the personality of the subjects with a bit of whimsy. The strokes are not so much dots as different variations of paint used to add details as the final phase. Kristen often utilizes unusual techniques such as layer paint and carving into the canvas or gluing upholstery to the canvas and recreating it with paint. 

She enjoys drawing faces and animals, and painting landscapes and flowers. In her paintings, she creates depth with layers and levels of contrasting colors. Most of her drawings are done with a #2 pencil with a strong focus on capturing people's personalities after getting their features on the paper. She also sculpts small collectibles with clay. With these, again, Kristen captures expressions, personality, and movement that seems to bring the subjects to life. 

2023 - A few projects on the horizon are inspirational, healing Christian paintings that have been visualized for years, and some commissioned paintings that are already on the easels.